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How could or should we regulate land transport in the future?

Land Transport Regulation 2040

NTC’s strategic analysis work

As part of the outcomes of the 2015 Review of the NTC, we have been directed by the Transport and Infrastructure Council to continue to focus on higher level strategic policy work.

In response, we have added a strategic analysis stream to our work program.  The aim of this strategic work is to understand the trends, influences and changes in society that will impact on Australia’s transport system.

Through our infrastructure investment, funding mechanisms and the regulatory framework, we are making decisions today that affect the future of the system.  These decisions are based on our views about the future and the more we know, the better our decisions will be.  Better decisions will lead to improved productivity, safety and environmental performance of Australia’s transport system.

The first project being undertaken within this stream of work is called land transport regulation 2040.

Read our latest papers:

Land transport regulation 2040

Countries around the world are seeing dramatic changes to transport technology and consumer preferences supported by innovative technology and new business models. These changes are likely to occur at an increasingly rapid pace, creating uncertainty for land transport reform in the medium term.

Australia needs to make sure we have appropriate regulations for these changes that ensures all Australians get the full advantage of these new opportunities.

How could or should we regulate land transport in the future?

In this work we will ask tough strategic questions.  The aim of the work is not to provide definitive long-term solutions.  Instead, the aim is to discuss and explore plausible futures so that we can prepare for the unknown changes and challenges that are ahead for Australia’s transport system.

To help the conversations and discussions, we are using a tool called scenario planning that will generate a range of plausible futures.  These plausible futures will be used to challenge our assumptions as new questions are raised.

A set of foundation papers will be released which will include these scenarios.  We will also explore the present (how we currently regulate land transport), the future (how land transport could be regulated) and the possible transitions.

The work aims to inform the reform projects for the NTC or other government agencies that will address the transport challenges Australia is likely to face in the medium and longer term.

Next steps

We are consulting with a broad range of stakeholders about the foundation papers until December 2016. This includes both the traditional road and rail industry, as well as representatives of other community groups including young Australians, remote area communities and innovators.

A final report will be prepared for Ministers to consider in early 2017.

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Last Updated: 13/10/2016