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The aim of this project is to discuss and explore plausible futures so that we can prepare for the unknown changes and challenges that are ahead for Australia’s transport system.

Land Transport Regulation 2040 (project work complete)

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The NTC undertook the Land Transport Regulation 2040 work during 2016-17. The key strategic question for this work was: How could or should we regulate land transport in the future?

The aim of the work was not to provide definitive long-term solutions. Instead, the aim was to discuss and explore plausible futures so that we can prepare for the unknown changes and challenges that are ahead for Australia’s transport system.

Next steps

To help the conversations and discussions, we used a tool called scenario planning that generated four plausible futures.

These plausible futures were used to challenge our assumptions about the future. The scenarios and two foundation papers were released in October 2016 and these are available below. The NTC used these materials to hold workshops and meeting around Australia. The feedback from these workshops and meetings was used to develop the final Land Transport Regulation 2040 report.

The findings from this report were:

  • We need to better understand change – technology, consumer demand and market structures.
  • We need to be flexible, responsive and agile with regulations as well as other government interventions.
  • We need to collaborate to create the regulatory environment that allows for new mobility products and services.
  • We can shape the future through our decisions. Even with the uncertainties we face, we can make choices to shape the future.

The NTC will respond to these findings in three ways:

  • develop indicators of change reports about technology, consumer demand and market structures with government and industry stakeholders. We will provide these reports to Ministers for discussions. By tracking key indicators of change, we can be better informed and share important insights nationally.
  • respond to change quickly by developing short issues papers on priority topics about regulatory and other barriers to next generation mobility. The first issue paper we have started is on small automated vehicles that are being proposed for use mainly on footpaths.
  • bring together governments, industry and other experts to discuss next generation mobility and key regulatory issues for future transport.

We also hope that you will find the materials generated through this work useful. We would like to continue the conversation about future land transport regulations and future transport. Please feel free to contact us at


As part of the outcomes of the 2015 Review of the NTC, we were directed by the Transport and Infrastructure Council to continue to focus on higher level strategic policy work.

In response, we added a strategic analysis stream to our work program. The aim of this strategic work is to understand the trends, influences and changes in society that will impact on Australia’s transport system.

Through our infrastructure investment, funding mechanisms and the regulatory framework, we are making decisions today that affect the future of the system. These decisions are based on our views about the future and the more we know, the better our decisions will be. Better decisions will lead to improved productivity, safety and environmental performance of Australia’s transport system.

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