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We are putting together a collection of case studies to help raise awareness and capabilities of road managers.

Case studies of access management decisions to support road managers (policy work complete)

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Australia has a growing freight task and limited funds for upgrading infrastructure. Sharing examples of best practice for productive vehicles and supporting improved access decisions may help raise awareness and capabilities of road managers, which will help support increased use of high productivity vehicles with all of the related benefits.

Next steps

We talked to our stakeholders to identify both examples of good practice, as well as where access decisions have resulted in poor community and/or industry outcomes.

We used the information we collect to develop a set of case studies to help:

  • inform road managers about the benefits of improved access for higher productivity vehicles when the conditions are appropriate
  • raise the general capability of less experienced road managers.

We have sent these case studies to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, to assist with their continuing work with road managers.


Transport policy makers, commentators and industry have for some time have been telling us that there is a lack of consistency in heavy vehicle road access decisions across state, territory and local government. This has limited productivity benefits that could have been realised by having more of these vehicles on our roads.

There are some excellent examples where existing frameworks and risk management tools have resulted in safe and highly productive arrangements evolving in local circumstances, and contributing to national productivity.

Providing improved guidance to road managers, and examples of access management decisions that have and haven’t worked for industry and the community as a whole, should lead to better decisions.

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Last Updated: 30/5/2018