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We review and maintain the Australian Road Rules (ARRs) to ensure they remain contemporary and aligned with agreed policy.

Australian Road Rules maintenance

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The Australian Road Rules (ARRs) are periodically reviewed to improve transport productivity, transport system safety and regulatory efficiency by ensuring that the ARRs remain contemporary and aligned with agreed policy.

Next steps

The Transport and Infrastructure Council approved the 11th amendment package at their November 2015 meeting. We are currently incorporating the changes into the ARRs and an updated amendment packed with be published shortly.

States and territories will now implement the amendment package. 

The next review of the ARRs is scheduled for 2017.


As an independent statutory body, the NTC develops national regulatory and operational reform and implementation strategies for Australian roads. Our focus is on leading activities where we can make a real difference nationally.

In 1999, the NTC developed the first set of model road rules, forming the platform for state and territory road rules across Australia - marking a milestone in road safety policy and legislation.

Nationally consistent road rules and licensing standards makes it easier for drivers to know and understand their responsibilities, making roads safer and more efficient for everyone.

The NTC has ongoing responsibility for the maintenance of the ARRs. 

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Last Updated: 13/2/2017