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The National Transport Commission is seeking further public comment about possible ways to increase the volume of some heavy vehicles to increase their productivity.

NTC identifies possible options for increasing the volume, but not mass of heavy vehicles

25 November 2016

Acting Chief Executive of the National Transport Commission Geoff Allan today released a new discussion paper which outlines six possible options – five that would allow longer heavy vehicles to access more roads and one that allows higher heavy vehicles to access more roads.

“We know that many heavy vehicles are operating below their current mass limits because they are carrying light-weight freight,” Dr Allan said.

“These options would help to reduce the number of trucks on Australian roads by allowing trucks to increase their volume and access a wider range of roads.”

The options consider which heavy vehicle types are best suited to increases in volume limits, practical mechanisms for increasing the load capacity and any implications for road network access.

Dr Allan called on Australia’s transport industry, governments and interested members of the public to make a submission via the NTC’s website before 5pm, Friday, 3 February 2017 to help the NTC identify the best possible option that delivers the best overall value for the nation.

For more information visit the NTC’s website.

Last Updated: 25/11/2016