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The National Transport Commission (NTC) has welcomed the outcome of the 2015 Review of the NTC which was released today.

NTC Chairman welcomes the outcomes of the 2015 NTC review

22 December 2015

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has welcomed the outcome of the 2015 Review of the NTC which was released today. 

Chairman of the NTC David Anderson said the Transport and Infrastructure Council agreed the report recommendations confirming the NTC’s continued existence. The report notes that “The NTC remains highly valued as a strong, independent advocate on national policy and reform issues, accessible to both industry and jurisdictions alike.”

“Ministers agreed the NTC should continue to use its capabilities to tackle Australia’s emerging transport issues and prevent them from becoming entrenched problems,” Mr Anderson said.

“It is clear from the review that the NTC has greatly improved the way we engage with stakeholders, deliver national transport reforms, maintain laws and codes, and develop new ideas for the future.

“This is a great credit to the NTC and its staff who have embraced change and helped to better shape and facilitate national surface transport reform.”

The 2015 review, was a routine review that occurs every six years as required by the National Transport Commission Act. Mr Anderson particularly welcomed the agreement by Ministers for the NTC to continue to transition its focus to higher level strategic policy work.

“Our priorities are to finish what has been started, focus on improving transport system productivity and to help Australia embrace new technology and innovative practices. By prioritising these things we can further improve Australia’s transport system,” Mr Anderson said.

“The NTC’s current work program includes 23 strategic projects and five operational projects. Given the establishment of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator over two years ago, it now makes sense for the NTC to work with our stakeholders to focus even more on the strategic issues that face our national economy and local communities into the future.”

A copy of the 2015 National Transport Commission Review report is available at https://infrastructure.gov.au/transport/australia/ntc/reviews.aspx

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