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A new data dictionary and a finalised telematics framework has been released by the National Transport Commission today, establishing 10 principles that relate to the privacy, compliance and enforcement, minimum standards, regulatory efficiencies and consistent application.

Clear guidelines for the telematics industry under new landmark framework

28 November 2014

Acting CEO of the NTC Michelle Hendy said the framework provided certainty to the heavy vehicle industry, the technology industry and government about how telematics would work into the future, particularly when used for regulatory purposes.

She said it was important to get the framework right to ensure that future applications would appropriately protect people’s privacy.

“Telematics is an evolving technology that will help make Australia’s roads safer and more productive,” Ms Hendy said.

“The importance of getting policy principles right in emerging technologies cannot be understated. While we cannot always predict what is over the horizon for new technologies, getting the right people working together means this Framework provides the telematics market with clear guidance.”

The framework links to the TCA data dictionary that ensures regulatory applications are consistent with international standards and are interoperable with other systems.

“The data dictionary is performance-based, which means it can adapt to technology advances, and, importantly, encourage affordable integrated commercial and compliance telematics applications,” Ms Hendy said.

“Aligning the data dictionary with international standards ensures Australia keeps pace with global trends and the market can develop innovative solutions within a framework.”

The NTC acknowledged the work of Transport Certification Australia who developed the data dictionary. To find out more, read the full Compliance and Enforcement Framework for Heavy Vehicle Telematics here.

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